Next Monday, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) will convene to deliberate on when medicinal cannabis cultivation and dispensary licenses will be issued.

“The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is tasked with the administration and regulation of dispensary and cultivation facility applications in coordination with the Arkansas Alcohol and Beverage Commission,” according to’s Lesley Nickus.

Cultivators applying for licensing from the AMMC are required to meet “Merit Criteria.” Required to prove they have $500,000 in good funds and $1 million in assets or a $1 million bond, potential cultivators will also be required to pay a $100,000 annual licensing fee.

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Arkansas Cultivators Applicant Point System

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration reported 322 applications were submitted for medical marijuana facilities during the month of September. Of which, 224 applications were for medical marijuana dispensaries – while 98 applications were for Arkansas cultivation facilities, according to KATV News.