Tupac fans will have a brand new place to pay their respects when a bigger than life, $500,000 statue of him is erected in Georgia.

Jim Burnett owns the amphitheater formerly known as the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, and tells us he’s installing a new ‘Pac monument to replace the old one the rapper’s family took when they sold the Center in 2015.

Burnett’s hired artist Nijel Binns — who’s done statues of Michael Jackson and Shirley Temple — to lead the project. Binns says he’s creating a 7-foot bronze statue based on a 13-inch clay model, which Burnett estimates will cost more than half a million bucks to complete.

They’re planning to unveil the new statue in September, around the 21st anniversary of Tupac’s death. We’ll say this … the new one’s way more gangsta than the OG