Since most of us don’t have that kind of time to go to New York, London, Paris, or Tokyo to earn money, the new “Get the Bag” app is can help with that fantasy.

Flavor of Love’s Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander and Otaku Gang Interactive (OGI) have teamed up to create a new addicting app that lets gamers go through a journey around the world and collect points. Who better to guide users to earn money than the “I Love Money” winner herself?

With a catchy instrumental that users can groove to, “Get the Bag” is a new matching game that user can collect dollar bills, bags, and gems. This game can be played for all ages.

“My interest to create a mobile app stemmed from the successful release of female celebrities within the entertainment industry such as Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj etc,” Alexander said.


Alexander joins Minaj and Kardashain, as well as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as the few money women who have launched their own app. According to the CNet, women make up of 30 percent of the tech industry, and 16 percent of the mobile app business. The National Center for Women in & InformationTechnology reported that African American women make up three percent of the tech industry in 2015.

With her competitive nature, Alexander wanted to get into the tech business to challenger herself to by a leader for women who wanted to start their own app. “What drives me in this business is that there are not many females actively involved in the mobile tech space, especially a woman of color,” she said.

Each level has its own mission. Some missions will want users to collect earn a certain amount of points. There are other missions that want the items freed from a contained box. There are no time limits, however, there are a certain amount of moves that can be made until the users have failed the mission.

What makes this game so addicting is the simplicity of matching the items, and the opportunity to earn a huge upgrade from just a few moves. Although some of the challenges are a bit difficult, the game is not complicated. So users don’t have to worry about their stress level going up.

One move can earn could help gain a ton of points, which makes leveling up more fun. Earn enough points, and users can power up to give them an advantage of moving on faster.

Alexander wants to inspire millennials to achieve success, wealth in a clever strategic way.”

Source: Tech This Out News