Text messages from Donald Trump? You could soon be receiving them starting January 20. President Trump will be able to send unblockable mass text messages to the entire nation, according to the WARN Act that passed in 2006.

The WARN act allows for targeted messages to be sent to every cell phone, informing citizens of warnings or alerts in their area or, in the event of a national emergency, to everyone with a cell phone.

According to the FCC, wireless emergency alerts known as WEAs, may be sent for three different reasons:

    1. Alerts issued by the president.
    2. Alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life.
    3. Amber alerts.

Despite Trump’s affinity for 140-character tweets, the 90-character alerts allowed under the WARN act have at least one layer to pass through before being issued, FEMA. Some still fear that Trump will bend the rules, sending mass text messages toward non-emergency ends, however.

Article By Brett Hershman