“Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality,” says Ross Dawson, leading futurist. “How we connect with our loved ones, the intimacy of our relationships with technology, and even our identities are swiftly moving into uncharted territory.”

“Sexual relationships are no longer limited by geographic space, and breakthroughs in the medical field are opening and re-opening erotic possibilities in the face of human biology,” says Jenna Owsianik, editor of FutureofSex.net “Research into making sex safer—and more pleasurable—has also gained significant financial support, paving the way for an exciting sexual future.”

9 predictions on the Future of Sex As We Once Knew It are:

  • Adult performers and some B-list celebrities will sell robotic replicas of themselves designed for sex by 2033
  • One in 10 young adults will have had sex with a humanoid robot by 2045
  • By 2028 over a quarter of young people will have had a long-distance sexual experience
  • 3D-printed body parts of your lover, enabled with touch feedback, will add intense realism to long-distance sex by 2025
  • First dates in motion-capture virtual worlds will become popular by 2022
  • By 2024 people will be able to be anybody, with anybody, enacting impossible fantasies in photo-realistic virtual worlds
  • Brain-to-brain interfaces will allow partners to stimulate each other to reach orgasm directly by 2027
  • Sci-Fi sex fantasies will spring to life as people can enhance their biology and merge with machines to become superhuman sex idols
  • By 2020 people will regularly pair virtual reality and haptic sex toys to fully immersive themselves into adult entertainment

For comprehensive insights into where sex is headed, read the full report here: http://bit.ly/future-of-sex-report

Source: Ross Dawson & Jenna Owsianik