This Mobile App May Determines Hip Hop’s Next Big Star!

BattleMe Inc., is the new buzz in music related mobile apps. Within the past six months the app has quickly approached 500,000 downloads since launching. With BattleMe friends can record raps, share with friends and battle other rappers. Got Skills? Ultimately, this app allows you to show off your rap music talent across the world!

The new application may be in position to achieve on the level of’s recent viral success. “It’s crazy to think we’ve only spent $5,000 on marketing, and we already have over 150,000 active users posting freestyle tracks in over 11 languages. Those are just the ones we counted,” CMO and hip hop artist John “Proper John” Stewart expressed after the event, also sharing how much simple word-of-mouth has helped fuel their growth. “A huge part to why this app is successful is that the content is very ‘digestible’, quick easy to absorb most of all entertaining. The share feature makes it enticing to users of the app, ” says Dwayne Robinson VP of Information & Technology at Interscope.



BattleMe is highly interactive for both musicians and fans. Users can select instrumentals and record vocals on their smart phones, and use these recordings to battle each other. The rest of the user community, then votes to decide the winners of the different battles and contests. “It’s kind of like we took the rap battle scenes from 8 Mile and turned it into an app,” explains CEO and Co-Founder Elen Potapoff, her simple description hinting at why Battle Me is spreading from user to user so rapidly. “It’s really easy for people to explain to their friends, and people are posting their freestyles all over social media,” she continues.



Battle Me – Freestyle Rap and Hip-Hop app from Battleme Rap app on Vimeo.

he app recently won a local competition held in Florida by LAB Miami and now will go on to compete at “The Oscars of Mobile Technology,” Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February.

What seems to have impressed the judges at LAB Miami’s event is the young app’s potential to expand to different music genres. While fielding questions from the judges, Stewart went on to mention that users are already using the platform to battle each other in different music genres as the app lets users upload their own instrumentals. The result has been users battling each other in everything from R&B, to pop, spoken poetry, and even guitar battles. “This is already a lot more than just Hip Hop,” continued Stewart. Take note as BattleMe positions itself to lure advertising from lifestyle brands and the music industry. BattleMe is available now and has already earned a 4.5-star rating average between Google Play and the App Store.


Meet the squad: Cofounder Dan Patapau (Left), John “Proper John” Stewart (Middle), and Belarusian rapper Kostia Kays (Right) hanging out at the studio.

Article By Mike Johns