Liane V

GODERMAG: This is an official GODER Magzine interview with Liane V. Before we get started; why don’t you let the people know where you’re from.

LIANE V: I was born in San Jose CA, and raised in Modesto CA. I moved to Los Angeles, and I’ve been there for around 8 years now.

GODERMAG: Was the move scary?

LIANE V: It was scary; but that’s because I was in my comfort zone: 1 freeway; 1 mall; bowling, and chilling; and then LA is like all these multiple freeways; different people from everywhere around the world. So it was scary; especially to move away from my family. It was a big move for me.

GODERMAG: Yeah because the nightlife out there will last all day.

LIANE V: Completely!

GODERMAG: How do you like living that lifestyle? and what is that lifestyle like?

LIANE V: Going from Modesto to that!

It’s a big change. I learned a lot of things out there. I learned that you have to be mentally strong; you can’t be easily moved and influenced; because you can easily be influenced out there.

GODERMAG: How long have you been in the music industry?

LIANE V: I’ve been in the music industry maybe about; 7 years professionally now.

GODERMAG: Out of those 7 years, what was your most “Oh my God” I can’t believe that just happened! moment?

LIANE V: Honestly: just dealing with certain people. A lot of disappointments; a lot of people trying to sell dreams to you. And one thing that I’ve learned is to just not believe everything you hear. Really; it’s just to show it.

GODERMAG: What was it like going through that struggle as a beautiful woman? Is there any time that men came at you unprofessionally; try to sell you a dream; by tell you what they could do for you.

LIANE V: Yeah moving to Los Angeles; I had the stars in my eyes, I was in Hollywood; I was so excited! And you know, you picture this dream of how easily you can get it; but honestly it’s not that easy, there is struggle! But, every road to success is a struggle. If there’s no struggle; there’s no road. So I feel like I learned a lot along the way; dealing with people and I’m thankful that I do have strong parents and their support. Just pretty much my friends, and my family kept me grounded and were supportive and kept me focused.

GODERMAG: How did you start doing Vine videos?

LIANE V: I started doing Vine videos with my friends last year. It was just last summer that I started. And I was just doing it for fun. I didn’t expect it to blow up! I didn’t have a goal like; “Oh this is going to make me famous,” or whatever. It was honestly something that my friends started doing and I just hopped on it, and it just blew up.

GODERMAG: Funny question that everybody wants to know: How did you get your dad to get into these videos with you?

LIANE V: It wasn’t hard getting my dad into the videos because growing up we had a DJ company, and my dad would always perform. He would be impersonating celebrities; he would be a woman one day, and then Elvis the next day. So he would always be involved, and then I would be the one singing at the parties that we had booked. So it’s nothing. When I started doing Vine videos, he was more than happy to be apart of it.

GODERMAG: Has social media changed your life? And if so, in what ways?

LIANE V: It really did change my life. It allowed me to open up a side of me where I shouldn’t be afraid to let people see how goofy I am. Just to be myself, and not care about what other people may think. And being creative. It just allowed me to really be creative and try to make things funny in 6 seconds.

GODERMAG: How has your high school tour been going so far?

LIANE V: It’s been going amazing! Shout out to DJ E-Man! He gave me the opportunity to perform at the halftime show of Power 106’s all-star charity basketball game. And it’s such an amazing experience to see the kids, and to just perform my music out to them.

GODERMAG: Who is your inspiration?

LIANE V: Honestly; my inspiration everyday is my family. I’m very close to my parents and they inspire me to keep going, and just their love for each other, and me  just makes me work harder. If you’re talking about artists; as a child I was inspired by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, just to name a few. A lot of Pop stars; and R&B singers.

GODERMAG: What was the biggest concert that you’ve done?

LIANE V: I was on tour for a year with an artist named Dev. She used to work with The Cataracs; and I was her backup singer, and we would do shows in Russia, and all around the world.

GODERMAG: What was Russia like?

LIANE V: Russia was a whole different experience! A whole different world! You know we’re here in the Bay right now, and it’s crazy to think that when you look at the world through a map, it’s like “you’re ONLY right here.” And to experience traveling across the world and seeing something that’s different: the food, the people, it just makes you appreciate life.

GODERMAG: How were the people in Russia, were they rude? Were they funny?


LIANE V: Honestly; it was like I was in the movie Anastasia [laughs]. It was really nice! It’s crazy because the food portions are really small; and I love to eat! So when I got my lunch, I was like,“This is it?” It just made me realize how big our portions are as a country, and I can see how we end up indulging.

GODERMAG: So besides Russia, where else have you been?

LIANE V: I’ve been to Puerto Rico; I’ve been to the Dominican Republic. The Philippians was an experience!

GODERMAG: Let’s talk about that!

LIANE V: I am Filipino. I know! It’s a shame that I hadn’t already gone earlier! But it was my first time, and it was a great opportunity to just go and perform in front of a bunch of people and just to go see that country. Whether it’s the poor side, or the rich side, I just really respect everything in my culture, and I you know I had to represent. And the food was amazing! The crazy thing is that the team that we were there with wanted to go to a really nice, upscale Filipino restaurant, so we went to that first, and it was amazing. All top of the line Filipino food; And then the next day we went to like, the real “hole in the wall” Filipino food; like wherever it may be. So we went; and what it looked like was a market, and there were all of these animals. Like there was fish, and everything was alive. So we didn’t know what was going on, but we went and they were giving us a tour and like; everything is alive. I mean, just moving! And they were like, “Ok, so you pick what you want, and then we bring it across the street and we cook it for you. So I was like, “Oh.  This is crazy! Ok!” So I just stuck to shrimp and chicken [laughs].

It was good though. They also had candles on the table around the food, so I’m thinking, “Awww, this is so romantic.” And they’re like “Uh, no. Those are to keep the flies away.” Definitely an experience. It was a blessing.

GODERMAG: So what are you ready to do?

LIANE V: I’m just ready to continue working hard; and representing for the Filipinas that are also ready to come up in the game. Just really moving forward with my music. You know; I want to be taken seriously as an artist. And that’s one thing that I want my followers to know, is that I do work hard for everything that I get now. I feel that it’s worth it to work hard, and then watch it all pay off. And a lot of people only see me in the Vines being funny and silly, and a lot of people only see me in that light and say, “Oh, she’s just a Viner, that’s all that she does. That’s all that she should do.” And I don’t want to be boxed up, you know? I mean I love doing Vine and I’m going to continue making videos, but I’ve been doing music long before Vine came along, and I want people to see me more as an artist.

GODERMAG: Do you have any kids, and if not, do you plan on having any?

LIANE V: I do have one. It’s a little boy. His name is Noah, and he’s my puppy [laughs]. And dogs do count! They are like children! You have to feed them, pick up their poop, and just raise them.

GODERMAG: How old is Noah?

LIANE V: He’s only 2 months. I barely got him like a week ago [Repeats again in the Bobby Schmarda cadence]. He’s just a really fluffy thing, and I even made him his own Instagram. His Instagram is @NoahPom, and he’s the cutest little thing. Yeah I love him, and that’s my child. I don’t have any kids.

GODERMAG: What’s the biggest moment in your career so far?

LIANE V: Honestly it’s to see that I’m influencing people, and to see that people are recognizing me for my work. And to hear my song on the radio! So, I was in the car in LA; and I was driving and I heard my song on the radio, and I flipped out! I took my phone out, even though it wasn’t the safest idea to take a selfie and drive, but I took it out and just started recording it.

GODERMAG: Haven’t you seen the billboards that read “Don’t text and drive”?

LIANE V: I know! But I had to capture that moment!

GODERMAG: Name 2 people that you would go star-struck crazy over if you met.

LIANE V: Man:Michael Jackson would definitely have been one of them. I love Michael. And I would’ve loved to meet him; Rest his soul. But, I would love to meet Justin Timberlake. I’ve been a big fan of his since *NSYNC! That was my man crush growing up I was a big *NSYNC fan. I had them all over my wall, in a frame; And yes I did have the binder, and I took it everywhere. I’d write letters to them all of the time.

GODERMAG: Did you get a response?

LIANE V: No; I didn’t. But you know what’s funny? My dad is a pastor, and he’s retired now, and I would ask my dad as a child; “Dad, do you think that I’ll ever meet Justin, or even be together?” And he could’ve just been like, “Yeah. Whatever.” But he said, “Liane, if it’s in God’s will, it will happen.” So I had faith in myself that I would meet him one day, and eventually it would happen.

GODERMAG: So you named Michael, and you named Justin. Name one more person that is alive.

LIANE V: I want to meet the president of the United States. Obama!

GODERMAG: Are there any shout outs that you’d like to give out?

LIANE V: Yeah, I want to shout out my team; #BrandX, Midi Mafia (Bruce Waynne & Dirty Swift), Don Dada, Troy Marshall, Yazid, Tyra, my friends, my family, my parents, my little dog Noah, of course my followers! I would not be here without your support. All the likes and comments, I greatly appreciate it so much, from the bottom of my heart! I love you guys!

GODERMAG: And where can we find you online?

LIANE V: You can find me at