Network: Yo this your boy Network; I’m in the building with my man Yukmouth of the Luniz. Yuk what it do! Whats happenin. It’s been a long time, and everybody’s talking about the Luniz. How long has it been since the Luniz dropped their last album?


Yuk: Since “Silver and Black.” That was in 2002 so its been a minute. It’s been thirteen years now. We had a beef thing, and right after the beef thing Num went to jail. So it’s the first time, me, and Num have seen each other since “Silver and Black;” let alone doing music with each other and, shows with each other.


Network: It feels good to be reunited with your brother doesn’t it?


Yuk: Hell yeah! It ain’t nuthin like fuckin with your brother, and gettin paper with people that you’ve been fuckin with since day one. My day ones! So, I mean mutha fuckas done grown up, and got over our issues and shit, and now we back at the table about to get some money, and about to take this shit to the next level.


Network: If you can change anything, what would you do different, as far as with the Luniz?


Yuk: I probably wouldn’t of beefed with a nigga; I wish it was never a problem when I went solo, cause when I went solo, that seemed to be what was the issue between all of us. Between me, and Num. Niggas was mad instead of congratulating a brotha on life, or saluting on another avenue for us to get money. Everybody took it like I left the group; I didn’t leave the group. I made the group; I invented the name, the logo; Num’s name, and my name; I made all that shit up in juvenile hall! So why would I leave something I created. I just went to get a solo deal because it was on the table; I ain’t turnin down nothin but my collars! The big producers were telling me I needed my own solo. If anything I wish niggas didn’t get mad when I went solo;  I wish it was more like a Wu Tang Clan situation. We can go off get our solos, and then come back and still be the Wu Tang clan. I wish it was a situation like that, instead of niggas gettin mad.


Network: So basically its more of a; work it out between each other type of deal?


Yuk: Right! Its like this; I never had an issue so its easy for me to come back to the drawing board, or come back to the table. Now for the people who had an issue, it’s harder for them. You gotta ask Num on his side, but it feels good to be back together now, because this is how it’s been from the gate.


Network: So what’s in play for the Luniz?


Yuk: We got the “420 album” dropping; We’re dropping that shit this month 4/17.  Thats coming up. 4/20 weekend. Its basically a marijuana, cocaine, alcohol infused album about partying, and getting fucked up. We’re doing songs with the OG niggas; for the young niggas, just to let ya’ll know we fuck with the new generation of this shit. It ain’t just about being an old hit, and hatin on the new movement, and the new music that’s keeping the era alive. So we definitely fuck with the new breed of rappers, and the old school breed of rappers. And me and Num gas it up; My gas station stay open; I never hung my gas pump up so, yeah. The whole shit is gassed period! Shout out to The Mekanix; they did about 90%, but it came out dope. They gave us that sound. That old school sound that we had in the 90’s, but on steroids. The futuristic version. We ain’t got no down south trap shit; even though we from the Bay Area, we don’t have any of those face drums, and snare shit. Its us; It’s our style. Its a breath of fresh air for the Bay Area.


Network: Anything you wanna say for the Luniz?


Yuk: We’re droppin something later this year, or at the end of the summer: But we’re doing it big; we’re doing a reality show, we’re doing this one big! We’re not gonna let this one just slip through our hands. Operation back on the Juke; High Times Tour this whole summer. We’re about to be out killin em! We’re about to be on tour with Tech9, and Currency this summer; we have a lot of shit going down for the Luniz. We’re probably going to Japan. They’re trying to line that up; I mean there’s a lot of things going down for the Luniz. We’re coming back activated, and gettin this paper straight up. So “Operation Stackola” coming up at the end of the year, and High Times throughout the 4/17. Keep mobbin man; Yukmouth, the Luniz, we out this bitch!