NETWORK: This is a Go Der exclusive with my nephew Show Banga!

How’s it going Banga? First off I want to start from the beginning, and talk about your father “Showtime.” Let the people know about how he got started, with the Hunid Racks energy drink, and other ventures.


SHOW BANGA: Well he started off just doing stuff, like having record stores, and then he started putting rhinestones on hats, and just fly shit you know what I mean. He was always a fly dude; who is well known for being fly, and for being a black entrepreneur. So of course growing up; that was a great thing to have him, as my father figure, and see the art of the hustle, you know. What it really means to hustle, without getting a 9-5. That was the best game I got from my pops; Ambition, and hustle, and what you make of it.


NETWORK: Now a lot of people don’t know that from high school, thur college, you were a well-respected baller. What made you stop pursuing that?


SHOW BANGA: Honestly; I’m gonna keep it real. It was that bitch ass coach, from San Jose City College! Basically; he didn’t help me afterwards; he just killed my pride, and my whole mindset, of going anywhere further. He pretty much shot my dream down. But, I always had a love for music; I always was doing it. So I said; “Fuck it! I’m gonna go all in with something! I gotta have something!” So I made up my mind to do music, as if it was basketball. I went as hard with music, as I did with basketball, and then went harder. I learned the game on my own. I saw it with my dad, but he didn’t teach me the steps, or give me hands on training because he didn’t even really want me to get into it like that. So I had to open my eyes, and learn on my own. I chose my own path, so I had to figure it out. And I feel like it was the best way anyways, because to learn on my own; I didn’t have anybody to vouch for me, I had to vouch on my own.


NETWORK: How old were you when you first realized that you could rap?


SHOW BANGA: I would say in high school, because I was always a good freestyler. So all throughout high school; I was known as the good freestyler. And that’s how I met IAmSu! That’s how I met; P-Lo, Chief, and Hollywood Keefy, going to Pinole High. I ended up there, because I was being bad and shit; thugging, and Moms found out, and kicked me out. Normal Frisco nigga shit.  And it was just time for her to send me to my pops. So I met them at Pinole, and we ended up forming a rap group.


NETWORK: What was that rap group called?


SHOW BANGA: The “Go-Getterz.” We were heavily popular on MySpace, and even though everybody kind of went their own ways for a little after, we always remained friends. Su did his solo thing, and it took off. P-Lo did his producer thing, and it took off for him; which allowed him to start doing his own music as well. And with that, I just followed their lead, and I kept going, and I ended up meeting Sage.


NETWORK: So Sage didn’t go to high school with them?


SHOW BANGA: Nah. He didn’t go to school with none of us.


NETWORK: So how did Sage end up meeting them?


SHOW BANGA: From my cousin; Smoovie Baby. He was from Fairfield, and used to be in a group called “The Flatlinerz,” back in the day. You know; our little era of young niggas! So we all came up together. And Smoovie ended up knowing Sage as a young nigga from Fairfield, and that’s how Su ended up meeting Sage, because Smoovie was like, “Yo; You need to come fuck with my young’n.”


NETWORK: So basically; the connection between IAmSu, and Sage was through you, and your cousin?


SHOW BANGA: Yeah. But you know, it wasn’t through me; It was all Smoovie, because Smoovie knew all of us.


NETWORK: So basically, Smoovie put history together.


SHOW BANGA: Yeah; he did! He’s definitely apart of that movement, But you know Sage definitely had his own talent; which is why he got to where he got, as a producer; just all around from being Sage. People love him, you feel me? And it worked for him. And that’s how it went.


NETWORK: And he kept you around, seeing how ambitious you were.


SHOW BANGA: Yeah; he said that I was one of the rappers that influence him. He said he liked a lot of my stuff, so we built on that relationship, and that’s like my little brother now. I look after him like a little brother, and we fucking with it. He’s very blessed to be where he’s at, and only be 22 years old. Very humble too. He shows love to all of his fans; he signs autographs for all of his fans, everywhere! Everywhere he goes, people are on his ass, but he continues to show love no matter what.


NETWORK: Now; all of you guys are in the HBK Gang?


SHOW BANGA: Yeah; we’re all affiliated through HBK. And then you got the $hmop Life.


NETWORK: So break it all down for me.


SHOW BANGA: $hmop Life is Kool John’s brand, which is more like a vibe. $hmop Life is like a positive vibe bruh! One that you can’t deny. Like, you’re gonna want to be apart of it even if you don’t think you want to, because it’s just some positive shit that a black dude is organizing. Like, you can go to an event that Kool John is throwing, and it’s a positive event with positive energy. Ain’t no niggas outside, or in hoodies waiting to kill, or none of that. It’s just, good weed, good vibes, and good people. And I love to see a nigga from Richmond; where it’s nothing but killings, pushing some movement like that. I’m behind it 100% because it’s something for the kids to look up to. And I feel like this whole new Bay Area sound is a good look, because it’s not all “shoot em up, bang-bang!” We just rap about fly shit, women, cars, stuff that kids like. We ain’t killin in every song, or murdering in every bar, that’s not our line. We’re pushing positivity, and having fun.


NETWORK: A good amount of people are saying that the HBK movement is like the Hieroglyphics days; Just positive energy.


SHOW BANGA: And that’s what it’s all about. Just being yourself, and not afraid of being yourself. Just because you’re from the hood, doesn’t mean that you have to be the stigma of the hood, like a knucklehead, or a dumb nigga.


NETWORK: So, what would you say your next move, within the next 6 months will be?


SHOW BANGA: Honestly; I’m just trying to be a dope artist, break bread, and do everything. Just do big shit. I’m not trying to be a stigma, like I’m not trying to limit myself to being a Frisco, rapper; a Bay, rapper; or even a California, rapper; I just want to be a big artist. And that’s my focus right now. Just being a bigger artist, and even getting a chance to go overseas, to let the people know what’s up.


NETWORK: Where have you traveled, since being apart of HBK?


SHOW BANGA: I’ve traveled to North Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona, L.A., amd all over So-Cal, Oregon. So I’ve been to a few places. I just performed at the Wiz Khalifa “Under the Influence Tour.” Sage brought me out, when we were in Sacramento, and there was like, 15,000 people in the crowd. We just did UC Merced, so that was like, 4,000-5,000 people.


NETWORK: So you’re not playing; This is serious.


SHOW BANGA: Nah; I’m not playing around this upcoming year.


NETWORK: So this is going to be bigger than ever?


SHOW BANGA: Oh yeah. I just feel like everything that’s already going on is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Like, we just did the HBK Halloween at The Regency Ballroom, and fucking sold out the first night, and damn near sold out the second night. For some young Bay Area artists, that’s crazy! That’s why I just love the energy, because these are the people that I shared the dream with before it happened. So seeing it happen is just crazy. And I thank all the DJs man; Rick Lee, Big Von, Mind Motion, and Chuy. But I feel like more needs to be done. Like, the whole Bay Area movement would be so much bigger if everybody put their pride to the side.


NETWORK: If you could change some things, what would you do?


SHOW BANGA: It’s so political in the Bay; I know for myself, and other cats, it just feels so hard to get yourself out there. So I feel like, it just needs to be more  accessible.


NETWORK: Now, Kool John said that he got a lot of fans from throwing parties.


SHOW BANGA: He did. The whole $hmop Life movement started off from throwing house parties. The parties got so big that there was no more room in the house, so it was like, “Bruh! We gotta do something bigger!” Because it was just so many people coming, that we would go to the Boonies, and just shut it down! This nigga threw a party on Broadway in Frisco, and shut the whole fucking street down! And that’s when John was like “Fuck bruh, I’m doing something right!” You just gotta love my nigga. And it just kept growing, and growing, and we all stuck together. Some people did their own thing, and faded because they didn’t stick to the script. But, we all stuck with it because we’re not on no, “Oh, I’m bigger than you” type of shit. We’re trying to get this on some Wu-Tang shit! Like, everybody grinding, everybody winning, everybody together.


NETWORK: So let me ask you. As a person, what have you done to brand yourself?


SHOW BANGA: My brand is that, I’m Show Banga aka Showy 4 Mayor, and I’m pushing as if I’m the mayor of this rap music shit. And how I do that, is just being me. I feel like I still have a ways to go, as far as my marketing, and things of that nature. But I also feel like everybody is still growing as artists, and figuring out things, and I’m growing everyday. I’m going on tour with Su in February of next year.


NETWORK: Any last shout outs that you want to give?
SHOW BANGA: Shouts out to $hmop Life, HBK, OMI, Mo’Betta Mo’Chedda, Kareem Mayfield, everybody out in Frisco, the whole Bay Area, and shout out to my pops Showtime, and of course GoDer for putting this together.