For the song, which takes its title from Tip’s telling Kodak to fix his behavior “expeditiously” when he first called out the former XXL Freshman, Kodak appears to call the Atlanta rapper a snitch.

“Young nigga sticking to the code, ’cause I don’t condone snitching/I ain’t going out like that rapper, I don’t do know tippin’/When he said my name on the TV, that boy a bold witness/On the news, see T.I.P., that boy don’t got no feelings/…they say The Game strippin’, old heads ain’t hitting on nothin’, I say them boys kiddin’,” Kodak spits on the track.

Elsewhere on the song, Kodak calls T.I.’s wife, Tiny, ugly and continues bashing Tip for how he’s handled their entire online back-and-forth. “How the hell you calling me out when you know I don’t listen,” Kodak spits in another part of the song. “How you tell me what came out my mouth, don’t even know Nipsey.”

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