GODER: JT The Bigga Figga doing interview for issue 27.  GODERMAG. JT whats up with you boy…

JT: Awe man good to hear from you my dude. You know aint nothing but Cal East love baby. Cal East Love.

GODER: JT man… everybody be saying you bust a lot of moves man with a lot of big plans in the game man.You’re really holding it down in the South Man, as a matter of fact what made you move from the Bay to Atlanta?

JT: I started feeling choked out… I started feeling like, due to the fact that I’m one of the problem players in the Bay, I wasn’t really getting the respect from the people that started controlling the Bay. I was really feeling like they was like, awe man he had his chance already. He did it already. By being in so many ears, they don’t like to see a nigga who ate already. I wanted to keep it going. Let it be over to me when its over. Nobody else determines when its over for a nigga. I feel like the people that’s running the radio and even the DJ’s weren’t on the richter scale no more. I mean it wasn’t a bad thing… I don’t blame the Bay for that, it just comes with the game. Like in Atlanta, you have niggas that had one hit wonders and them niggas out here working’ at Mcdonalds right now. I always knew I wasn’t gonna be a nigga that ended up working at Walmart or working for someone else. But through the years, I just said fuck it, my rap shit aint working, I ain’t gettin no love from home, let me just get a job and just fade into the black..hell na.  I seen what was going on in Atlanta and one of my top students told me, J… fuck the Bay…not “fuck the Bay”… but come get some money. Come down here, do your JT thing out here nigga and watch how it go. I’ve been out here for about four years and I’ve made about four million dollars out here.

GODER: You been out there four years?

JT: I been out here four and a half years bro.

GODER: How big is the house JT?

JT: Man, I’m still living within my means. I aint even buy no big ass mansion. But I’m out here pushin’ Panamera I own it, I’m pushin’ Corvette, I own it.  2013, 2014. I got 2015 Burban, All my house is paid off. I got my children. I got wifey out here with me. She holds me down. So it was a chance. I moved out here with $2,000 and Bay game. I was out here with $2,000 and my rent was $1,000 so I really only had $1,000. Nigga, I came out here and lived in the trap house. Downstairs them niggas sold crack cocaine, guns and weed. I didn’t have good credit. No matter how much money you make good credit is good credit. You can get a check for a milion dollars and still not qualify. I moved out here and I just got in where I fit in. I didn’t come complaining. It was very difficult having to find my first customer in Atlanta for what I was selling, and to be honest with you I’m really grateful for Mandatory Business Magazine because that’s who I made my first start out here with. I moved here Sept 1, 2010 and in 2011 all I did was the magazine. I didn’t any songs I didn’t do any shows. I didn’t care anything about that. I had me a camera and I found me a nigga to charge $1,000 for a cover. I could sell a page for $200 because I knew I had good quality printing. That allowed me to start making my first money in Atlanta. By taking a nigga picture and selling it to him.

GODER: I definitely want to say you’re one of the people that I looked up too when I was doing my thing and trying to figure my place in the game. I remember the first thing you did for me, when you were doing your compulation you said you’d put me in there as one of the A&R of the project. That was one of my signatures in the game and that was before I knew Rick Lee. I definitely wanted to say I’ve been inspired by things you did. People do say that me and you are alike and a lot of people wonder why they can’t get it the way we do. We make it look easy but its really a finesse with us, its a gift. It’s a blessing. We have a real life gift and you know what,  I’m never going to sell myself short because I know I’m worth a lot of money just like yourself and that’s why you don’t ever sell yourself short.

JT: Its crazy though cuz when you kept that shit going I was just happy to see that somebody is still keeping the lead. It take money, it take determination. It take a nigga with a gift to go out there and find the customer and hold a magazine down.  I don’t really print magazines any more. I haven’t really printed magazines in about two years based upon my music and my movies.

GODER: You need to hold down GODER out there. So when you were out there who were the people that you’ve actually done business with out in Atlanta?

JT: I started with …. A person that can give me some insight on whose hot, what’s new, what’s next, you know the movers and the shakers. Gucci Man was somebody that I knew through …. so he was a connect and I’ve been in a lot of business with him. T.I. is another person that I interacted with through my homeboy Clay. We haven’t done a lot of business but niggas know what it is. The Migos is a group that everybody is familiar with but what they don’t know is that they are some of my top students in Atlanta. They followed my guidelines and my directions as far as not signing with no label right away, as far as not signing no 360 deal, not signing their publishing over and not signing their rights to nobody. Those are the only markers that you see on the T.V. and that you hear on the Radio, that are one hundred percent independent. So I’m proud to say that. And ya’ll know about Young Thug, I got Young Thug. I met him through Gucci Man but Gucci Man went to jail and left ol’ boy open as far as leadership. That way I can get direction, so when Gucci left us, I ended up doing a movie called the Independent Gang. I got Future, 2 Chains, Thug, The Migos, Wiz the Kid. Those are the main artist, and Batoven of course in the film. Its on iTunes right now its on Xbox, its going on Netlfix in two days. So that’s my first film that I’ve done out here. But workin’ with the Artist, I’m the  OG out here in real life. These niggas think I’m 25-28 they don’t know until I tell them. They don’t have the slightest idea that the reason I’m the number one promoter in Atlanta from a street perspective, is because I brought the Bay game out there and then as far as the movie game, I brought Hollywood out here. There hasn’t been an artist in the last 40 years, in this city, to ever make 10 brand new movies from scratch, and I’m not talking about documentaries I’m talking about full length movies. I’m the first one to do that, so they call me Young Spike Lee out here. When I bought the Panamera the young niggas started calling me D Panamera..so I started running with that. As an Artist I’m known out here as D Panamera. As a businessman they know JT but they think its two separate people. If you don’t look carefully, it’s the same mutha’ fucka, but I put both names on everything I do… So I just did the 2 Chains album so you know 2 Chainz up there with me. But when he reinvented himself he wasn’t Tity boy anymore he was 2 Chainz. A name that fit the time period. JT the bigga figga don’t fit this young generation. That name got weight and its only worth JT the Bigga figga. So I carried the name. That name became a legacy already. D Panamera is my New Legacy. I’m already five Albums in as a New Thing, D Panamera,  When they go to iTunes those songs don’t blend into my JT songs, It’s D Panamera. So  I’ve created the identity that allows me to move around out here. For the niggas that hear my flow that hear my song they really can’t tell where I’m from even though you can hear a little more Cali but I got these Atlanta Patterns on pack. Im out here bar for bar. I’m doing my own harmonies, I’m doing my own hooks, I don’t write no raps. No nigga in Atlanta writes raps. If they do, T.I. might be the only one, Jeezy and T.I. might be the only niggas that ask me to do one, Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci, Migos, nobody writes rap. The culture of Atlanta is amazed with what I know I could do. I do all the promotion. I do the Rich Gang promotion I do Young Jeezy Street Team promotion I do Gucci Street Team promotion. If you want a nigga to handle street promotion you better call JT. In the bay I use to feed the homies. I came out here feeding the homies. One day I got the bright idea to ask the homies to help me promote. Next thing you know I had 300 niggas that promote with me. So we the biggest crew in the city.

GODER:To be honest with you, This is all the stuff we know growing up in the Bay. Its crazy cuz even when I moved in certain ways it was like new shit to them. But thats just game. We’ve been gamed up in the Bay. If you can survive in the Bay I honestly believe you can survive anywhere in the world JT.

JT: Thats why I just came out here and took this city over from an independent perspective.

Cuz I was one of the nastiest coldest grimiest mutha fucka’s in the Bay. Now I’m the nastiest coldest grimiest mutha fucka out here in god dam Atlanta. In the place that everybody want to come to. Everybody listening to their music. Everybody Jockin what they do. Now I’m right in the middle of this shit.

GODER: You know what’s funny, I thank God we been in there, and you’ve been in there longer than I have, I thank God and the reason I’m honored to do this interview with you is because you taught me a lot of things and we’ve shared a lot of ideas and I definitely want to say I am extremely proud of you.

JT: Its nothing but love and its gucci that you’re still holding the Bay down whatever you and Rick Lee cooked up that shit still lasted. Its hella years that’ve gone by and you’re still going so that means your work ethic is speaking for itself also. They say we have a lot similarities about us its because we arent scared to go and try something different that the next man might not be willing to do.

GODER: What would you leave as a last message, as far as advising the Bay on what they should do from an Artists point of view?

JT:  From an artist’s point, you can’t just depend on show money and selling your CD and putting your shit on iTunes as the way that you’re going to feed you and your family. I would tell them you gotta add 7 t-shirts in there somewhere. I would say add the promo for the next thing. I turned into the #1 promoter out here because I worked with the homeless people. Take over the city. Go get your blessing from the people that need your help any way. If you had ten homeless people that you could go see, that you knew where they stayed and they rocked with you, you’d be able to start a  business like JT right now. Nobody’s going to invest in something they can’t see. I would tell them, go buy a camera and learn how to do music videos and take pictures and tie in with GODER MAGAZINE. Somebody could utilize your pictures or make small independent films. Buy a DVD burner and a CD burner. You can feed your family on that. That is a tool. You have to buy tools so that you can feed yourself in time of hunger. Learn how to do graphics .. Learn how to do video editing. You can be a rapper working on your shit but if you’re good, it’s one of the other things you can make money on quicker than your raps. You just made more money doing other niggas graphics. That is the only way. There is no other way. I’m just telling you what I know, ya feel me. This is from a nigga who’s been doing it since 92’. I ain’t never had a job and I haven’t been with a major label since 95’. I never became some major label claim to fame. I dont have nothin but what God blessed me with.  Straight up. I always preach that to the homies. Back in the Bay nobody wants to hear it. I’m giving you a secret and you’re telling me you know it already. Fine little nigga go and do it on your own. I don’t care if you become my competition. I want to see somebody else win. If they use a part of my game, I’m already a part of your empire. God get the glory any way. He gave it to me and I’m about to share it with the people.

GODER: That’s what’s wrong with alot of people, people think they’re too good to do something.

JT: Man, people just want to get that deal with a major label like, aye! discover me wha..bam! It dont always work like that. yup. I would tell them buy low sell high. Whatever that means. Even if you buying an OZ, boy you better get the cheapest one and the best deal that you can get. The younger generation want to look the part before they handle the business.

CASH OUT RECORDS!.. ( Network)

JT: You build an artist to a certain degree and when you’re done with them you sell them to a label. Or you stay apart of management, or overseer, whatever it is. Just because you have property, doesn’t mean you have value. God blessed me by keeping my head up when I was down. That would of broke a lot people down. They would’ve gave up. Oh man, that was my time.  Man, I’m thinking about how I’m going to be at a billion dollars right now off Trapflix. Yall remember that name, Trap Flix, just like Netflix.  I’m from the bay man,  I come from where Twitter started. I come from where Facebook started and Macintosh nd shit, man I come from that shit. The dudes that’s runnin that, the guy that owns Google is my age. So lets put it on record, first interview for 2015 talkin about Trapflix, I salute P. Diddy , I salute Birdman, I salute Dr. Dre. The three contestants right now swinging for the first to make it to the Billions  . I Humbly have to say, and Respectfully have to say that Trapflix, is not only going to be the only thing runnin this year, but Trap Flix Software Company is in the inventing right now. I’m working with developers. Smart people, and they all black, they got dreams. I dont know what they do by night but by day they are working in this office. But when I run their resumes I see they’ve done things for Dreamwork back in the day and they’re familiar with me based on my old record label. So their the ones bringing the freshness from back in the day and they building on that. But IT doesn’t just stop right there, lets do some more applications and do some more software, same way that you promote and album and movies, how bout’ you be a technology guy now. I say hey I need to be hanging out with you guys right now. JT comes from the Master P era. That was 1999. So we’re fifteen years into the future. JT’s one of those guys that’s been back in the day. I watched the guy come to my mama’s house and we talk about how proud we was of Snoop Dogg, a few years later, he’s signing Snoop Dogg. We talked about the Death Row Empire and then he achieved it and surpassed it. I just have to keep cooking until its my time because obviously its God’s time to bless him for what he’s doing.

Ya feel me, it never was hate. Then it happened again with Game a few years later. Okay cool. That’s another sign. These are just signs for the future and if I keep cooking I can put myself in the same position but it will be bigger than what anyone has seen already. If I could go back I wouldn’t trade places with anybody. You got D Panamera out here in Atlanta. The new JT. Upgraded. In 95’ I signed my first major label contract for half a million dollars. I was Twenty years old I didn’t even know what to do. They gave me all the money. When I first got the check I didn’t even buy beats. Let me tell you what I did.


The Nation of Islam started a Masque in San Francisco. They identified the Old Bank of America building on Third and wanted fifty-thousand for the building. I put up all the money. That building still standing today. The same people that taught me the secret. “Hey young black man, you know you come from God right? You know you come from Kings right, you know you can start your own business while you a teenager and run the world.” I fucked around and believed them. I’m forty-one right now, I’ve never had a job. I’ve ran through fifteen-million dollars in my whole career. You start with your vision…with your dream. God gave you talent.