Tee Grizzley is officially activated. On Tuesday afternoon (April 17), the rapper unveiled the official cover for his debut album, Activated, which is all set to drop on May 11th.

The artwork is to the point—literally. It features what appears to be Tee’s index finger pressing down on a surface with a pinkish red circle surrounding the word “activated.” You have to think a nuclear missile launch would look a lot like this.

Tee Grizzley’s debut LP has been led by two singles. The first was his in-your-face grimy offering, “Colors.” The second included a Moneybagg Yo feature and is called “Don’t Even Trip.” Both are dope, and they make up just a small part of what should be a gritty tour of the rapper’s native Detroit. Tee indicated as much in a January conversation with XXL.

“When people hear my music, they ain’t really hearing about no shiny stuff, the glamorous life,” Tee explained at the time. “They’re going to hear that gritty, slum. It’s a dark cloud over my city. I’ve been through it and I’ma tell you in detail. A lot of people just ride past the slums in their music. Boarded-up trap houses, cars parked on the grass. I’m going to take you into those houses, into the minds of the people that’s in those houses.”

Word. Check out the artwork for Tee Grizzley’s debut LP below.

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