Network: Yo this your boy Network; I’m holding it down with my folks Liqz. We’re sitting here remaninesin and vibing about a fallin soldier The Jacka…What’s been up with you brother?

Liqz: Shit; just chillin man. Same old thing.

Network: So you were breaking down the last three years you spent with Jacka: You guys were together practically everyday working on the Hydro store, as well as getting your project together as his artist; In terms of building up your material, and getting you ready for your industry debut. Tell me what was that like?

Liqz: I actually met him a few years before that! I had got in trouble, and I ended up having to do some time in New York. But after that; I got out and started working on a couple mixtapes with Berner, Jacka, and Joe Blow. Like I was saying when I got out I reached out to Jack and he was like; “Man where you been? You can’t do music if I ain’t on it.” I was out in Santa Rosa, and he came out to host my mixtape, and he helped me put together a DVD with some videos on it; just so I could get back in the swing of things. He was like “ Man if you’re going to do it, you gotta to take this shit serious. You should do it in projects, and get your craft down. So he introduced me to the guy who did the artwork for his last album; “What happened to the world.” I started getting some artwork to him, and then Jacka and I started recording everyday. My latest project is about to come out called “Grown Music,” and that’s with Little Ruin and me: We met with Jacka one day, and told him that we needed his help to manage us, and manage the project, and he told us “yeah, Set up some time and lets do it!” So we went and booked some time at the grill, and started working on the projects. He really helped us, by being in the booth with us, and putting the project all in order. Shit is amazing! It was one of the last things him, and I did; that he touched with his hands. So after I release that, I’m going to put out this other project him, and I did before that. The Berner Project! We ended up making that shit real dope. Berner did some new shit on there. That shit is going to be coming out soon after Grown Music. He had me put out ten projects: After Grown Music, and the Harvest season; I’m going to have Currency Exchange coming out, and that’s just my solo album; and then I’m going to have another album coming out called Pack Talk, that’s me and Kay. I got a bunch of shit, and then I have another one with me, and Jacka coming out you know, Hydrotech! but that’s basically how I’ve been doing music.

Network: Sounds like it was really just you and Jacka. For the people that don’t know; what was the vibe from Jacka like?

Liqz: He was crazy! He was a Leo, and a Leo is a lion. He’s definitely a Lion; but at the same time a real humble, real soft-spoken person… you know. He was a good guy. He could be anybody else, he wasn’t big headed at all. He always looked out to make sure you were really doing the right thing.

Network: He definitely was a solid dude! He’s definitely going to be missed. Like I said before; We Love you, and we miss you! He was a blessing. Any last words you want to say?

Liqz: Yeah, another thing we were doing was, we were putting together a hydro store that he had told a lot of people about. So look out for that. That’s going to be huge, and that’s going to be going back to his kids. So that’s something I know he was excited about, and I’m really excited to get that going.

Love you Jacka! That’s a big shout out like that; doing it for his kids.