Five Million Dollars.

Network: Yo this your boy Network! I’m here cuttin it up with my man Big Cheese. This is an official GO DER exclusive interview; we’re discussing his emerging career, and his brand new single featuring French Montana that smoking hot right now.

It’s buzzing right now fam; the response is beautiful, and everyone is loving the song! This single is doing real good for you; Can you tell us a little about it.

Cheese: The single’s is movin man! We’re trying to get to the next level with it; Im talking billboards! moves that will take me to the next level; I’m just going to take it to the next level.  

Network: How is the video’s doing right now?

Cheese: It’s everywhere! Social media; All over the blogs, We’re doing it real big. The video is moving man.

Network: Cheese I’ve known you for about seventeen years now; you were at my daughter’s baptism! That’s crazy! A lot of people don’t even know we’re Cool; so lets do a timeline on how things have been going since you were with No Limits. Tell us how you started…

Cheese:  It all started when I was twelve years old. I would always go to this studio in South Richmond where I first met digital underground. They use to let me come and mess around in the studio; It was called Start Light Sound! So you know; I met Pac! I met all of them, I just really wanted to do music. So as I continued doing my music; Master P was living downstairs from me, and we became super tight and I just followed his lead.

Network: Since the days of No Limit you’ve been doing your thing! what songs have you had thats made it onto the radio?

Cheese: I had the song; I MADE IT! That was going real hard on the radio; they were loving that in different demographics. Then I came out with a record when I was hustling with a slower sound.

Network: Well now that you have an investor; it’s safe to say it’s better to use someone else’s money rather than yours. How big was the deal; Five Million dollars?

Cheese: Exactly! Five million dollars! You have to put your money in the right place; so that everything that happens, happens right for you. You know what you mean…

Network: What would you recommend to other artists; considering the mistakes you’ve made  in the past, as opposed to your accomplishments today?

Cheese: Invest in yourself! Don’t wait on nobody! I invested in myself all the time; I put every penny I had into myself!

Network: Did you ever go broke doing that?

Cheese: Yes I have!

Network: Can we hear your perspective about the music business? As far as the ups and downs; what have you lost, and gained from doing this?

Cheese: I mean; I still got my family! There were times when I was struggling; and trying to get back, but if there’s a will there’s a way. So I made a way, and I bounced out of it! You can’t spend a lot of money, and then freeze up! Don’t do that! People have to be willing to spend a lot of money, and go all in.

Network: Are you a gambling man? and if so; would you call this a gamble?

Cheese: Man this whole game is a gamble! I mean: I gamble; I play blackjack, I play double backs, I go all in, but at the end of the day if I do that, then I’m gambling with my life. See what I’m saying? I’m gambling on my career right now. I got a life, I got kids! I have three kids. So that means a lot.

Network: And you ain’t got time to play…

Cheese: I ain’t got time to play! I’m trying to get in this game, and be somebody so my son can say; you know what… my dad is Big Cheese! He’s the one that has the grammy awards, he’s the one, that’s my daddy.

Network: That’s real. That’s a blessing; any shout outs you want to give?

Cheese: Man I wanna give a shout out to E40 for real! That’s my homeboy; we talk on an everyday basis. E40 showed me a lot of things, and he’s a real hustla. Man…he’s been doing this for over 25 years, and I definitely respect that, and he hasn’t stopped. Too $hort is the same way, he kept going, and I respect that. Whole lotta love to whole bay area, RIP Dre, RIP Jacka. I know if they were here things; would be totally different right now…So we gotta just keep pushing as one! The unstoppable stick together, and that’s what the Bay Area need to do. We need to be unstoppable in the game. Shout out to French braids, Shout out to my nigga Network, and GoDerMagazine.