The month of January is starting to pick up, and some surprising faces are at the forefront when it comes to new music. Chicago’s Lil Durk remixed a huge song from yesteryear, and Houston rapper Maxo Kream has a song of his own that’s sure to make waves.

This week, Durk put his own spin on Logic‘s hit song, “1-800-273-8255,” titling it “1 (773) Vulture.” While Logic’s original track was about preventing suicides, Durk’s version is about how he won’t hesitate to protect himself, against anyone. He teased the song for a little while before releasing it, but the end product is a satisfying glimpse into his mindset.
“Kill his ass in the streets, we hope they don’t charge us/We can’t find your ass, we gon’ kill your artist (On God),” Durk raps with no remorse, sharing his reality.