That seems to be a question the infamous MeMonsters are answering. As Chatty Tally

waits to see if she’s been picked to be on the hottest new show on the Lifetime Network, a

show starring platinum producer Jermaine Dupri called “The Rap Game”, this isn’t her first time

waiting. She did the same thing last year. Although she didn’t get picked last year, the 12 year

old feels this year will be different.

Last year at 11 years old, she was contacted by Intuitive Entertainment, a Los Angeles

casting agency who first noticed her on She auditioned and later found

out she was not casted as the news went out about the shows first season. Undeterred she

went right back to work, putting out more music and enjoyed watching the first season success.

At 12 years old now, Chatty Tally is not only a rapper, she’s an actor with her own two

web series “The Chatty Tally Show” and “She’s All That”. Her Youtube page has over six

thousand subscribers and her channel is approaching a million views. She’s also part owner of

the brand MeMonster TV, LLC which will release learning apps, books, shows, music and clothes

for kids.

In February of this year, Chatty Tally was again contacted by Intuitive Entertainment to

audition for the second season of “The Rap Game”. She’s confident her audition went well, but

instead of waiting, she went to the streets and internet to get her MeMonster fans to help

secure her spot. She started a campaign asking her supporters to go to Jermaine Dupri’s

Instagram and simply put “Chatty Tally should be on The Rap Game”. To her surprise hundreds

of kids began flooding the platinum producer’s pictures with comments. Not one to sit around

and wait, she’s releasing new music and videos.

Now back to the question, should Chatty Tally be on “The Rap Game”? If you’re a

MeMonster, the answer is clear. If you’re not sure, check out her YouTube page. If you like

what you hear, get with the movement and go to Jermain Dupri’s Instagram, click on one of his

recent pictures and simply put “Chatty Tally should be on The Rap Game”!