1. Name: Sky azure

2. Location: San Jose

3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo

4. Measurements: 32 18 38
5. How long have you been modeling for?: About a year
6. What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling?: I seen Draya Michele on king Magazine cover
7. Have you been featured in any other publications, or is Go Der your first?: GoDer is my first
8. Tell us about your best physical asset, and why you feel that it’s your best. :My dreamy eyes
9. What’s your favorite sexual position?: I just like sex 
10. Name 3 hobbies that separate you from the “eye candy” stereotype. [Once you send the answers in, I’ll do 1-2 follow up questions to 1 of the hobbies. That ways, it makes it a bit more personal.] I like to smoke
11. [Hobby Follow Up Question #1] listening to music
12. [Hobby Follow Up Question #2] dancing 
13. Because you are a model, what is a common misconception that people may have about you?: I’m real chill , not stuck up

14. Describe your ideal romantic date.: Just good food , as long as the food is amazing 
15. What’s the freakiest thing that you have ever done?: Sex outside with a view of the bay bridge
16. Who are your favorite female icons? Why? : Beyoncé , Draya Michele and “Muva” Amber Rose because they are all inspiring.
17. What’s the best motto and/or advice that’s been given to you up to this point in your life?: This too shall pass…
18. Any last shout outs? Projects to look out for? :Planning a super dope beach shoot
19. How can fans get in contact with you? :Instagram@mollysueisthtyou&snapchat :molkyskya