1. Name: Kayeigh Swenson 

2. Location:Huntington beach,ca

3. Zodiac Sign:libra/Scorpio cusp
4. Measurements: 40/25/40
5. How long have you been modeling for?5 years 
6. What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling?my mom pushed me in that direction early on.
7. Have you been featured in any other publications, or is Go Der your first?shape magazine, LA magazine,private pier(a long time ago), and a handful of workout catalogues
8. Tell us about your best physical asset, and why you feel that it’s your best. I think my booty is my best feature…because my ass to waste ratio is on point (naturally)
9. What’s your favorite sexual position?doggy
10. Name 3 hobbies that separate you from the “eye candy” stereotype. [Once you send the answers in, I’ll do 1-2 follow up questions to 1 of the hobbies. That ways, it makes it a bit more personal.]
11. [Hobby Follow Up Question #1]gym
12. [Hobby Follow Up Question #2]writing
13. Because you are a model, what is a common misconception that people may have about you?that I’m not intelligent and only have aesthetic beauty.

14. Describe your ideal romantic date. Horror movies and sex👍🏻
15. What’s the freakiest thing that you have ever done? I had a run in with the police and got out of it..so I celebrated with my then boyfriend by pulling onto a side street while it was pouring rain and we had sex on the hood of a car in a neighborhood.
16. Who are your favorite female icons? Why?angelina Jolie because she is effortlessly sexy with an undeniable charm and Marilyn Monroe, because she was magnetic and captivating.
17. What’s the best motto and/or advice that’s been given to you up to this point in your life? “Never say it’s too late to start something.”
18. Any last shout outs? Projects to look out for? I’m in the process of starting a YouTube channel for vlogging and fitness at the moment. Keep an eye out.
 19. How can fans get in contact with you? Insta @viking_kayleigh snap: @vikingkayleigh8