Master P Louisiana’s most exciting superstar boss rapper, the Kingpin of
Trap is about motivating the next generation but don’t let the lights and
camera fool you, there’s nothing but streets pumping through the blood of
the veins in the King of the South. The Ice Cream Man drops a new street
anthem “Middle Finga” the Last Don takes it back to his roots and puts the
pedal to the metal on the grimy Bout It Bout It style of music produced by
Blacknmild as Master P murders the vocals. DJ Boosie says “Middle Finga” is
a certified street banger and street classic. The colonel of the tank
prepares old and new fans with a taste of what they’re going to get from
the No Limit Boys *The Grind Don’t Stop* album.

*“…I don’t give a fuc# I got my money up, play with us you get bloodied up,
body everything in the club hitter, looking for the MF plug hitter,
couldn’t find you when I was struggling hitter, where was you when I was
doin’ bad, you was duckin’ hitter. Now I’m on top you tryin’ to touch a
hitter, middle finga to you fuc# hitters…”*