J. Stalin and DJ Fresh’s Miracle & Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2 Album


Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street, Pt. 2

Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street, Pt. 2, an album by J. Stalin, DJ.Fresh on Spotify

Disc One

1. “Nightmare On 10th Street Returns”
2. “Pussy Nigga”
3. “The Livewire Trap” Featuring Shady Nate & Joseph Kay
4. “Takin’ No Shit”
5. “Facts” Featuring Mitchy Slick
6. “Bitches & Bands”
7. “Billion Dollar Boys Club”
8. “Do’s & Don’ts”
9. “Trappin’ Addict”
10. “I Don’t Love These Hoes” Featuring P. Hustle, Big Homie Lil Tony & J-Stew

Disc Two
1. “Ain’t It a Blessing” Featuring Big Homie Lil Tony
2. “Livewire Party” Featuring The Mekanix
3. “Childhood Dreams” Feauring Vellione & Lil Chief Baby Wipes
4. “Living Lavish”
5. “Bubble Gum Candy Fruit” Featuring June & Beeda Weeda
6. “Cash On Delivery” Featuring P. Hustle
7. “Unloyalty” Featuring Joseph Kay & Young Spudd
8. “Cops & Robbers”
9. “Hide and Go Get It” Featuring Joseph Kay
10. “What You Want From Me”