GODER: How did you come up with the name DJ Gold Baby Jesus?

DJ GOLD: It came from Talladega Nights. It’s a quote from my favorite scene, it stuck in my head and just ran with it.

GODER: What would you categorize your music as?

DJ GOLD: EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

GODER: What are the instruments and musical tools that you use?

DJ GOLD: Right now I use my Laptop and Midi Controllers.

GODER: How long have you been making music?

DJ GOLD: All together it’s  been fourteen years, within the industry under other names.

GODER: How has music changed from when you first started; and how has that change contribute to the music you create?

DJ GOLD: The sound from when I first started; and now has drastically changed. What people are doing now is on a whole different level. The process is going through.

GODER: What are some of your big name projects?

DJ GOLD: I’ve done a lot of different projects; so I don’t really keep track of all that because I work with a lot of people.

GODER: Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve done so far?

DJ GOLD: I think the funnest one is the song called “That baby dont look like me”

GODER: So what are the challenges you have when you create this type of music?

DJ GOLD: I mean the biggest challenge is learning how to differentiate the different styles within EDM; I’m talking about within the genres. There’s so many different types of style’s; Techno, House, Dub, Trance, so basically that’s the hardest part. Just learning everything. The next part is making the sound. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you have to learn; it’s really a process. With other genres you can crank something out. A lot goes into it. You have eight bars, mine can only be ten seconds of the song.

GODER: Where do you see yourself at in ten years?

DJ GOLD: Actually I’d love to be retired; chillin in my crib in Malibu looking at the water. I can take a trip whenever I want to, to my favorite place, Spain.

GODER: So what is it in your personal life; that influences you, and helps keep you focused on just grinding; on just getting up and doing it over and over again?

DJ GOLD: My family! I’m a very family oriented person. My family gets along; we have a great family, and I just want to contribute to them. My daughter, for my kids. That’s where I get the most inspiration, I just want to enjoy them.

GODER: Any body you want to thank or give a shout out to?

DJ GOLD: I don’t even know where to start. I would like to thank God first; I thank God for blessing me with the talent. Everyone I’ve been introduced to, thank him for this journey, and as long as i got him can’t nobody run me over.