Livewire The Empire. CEO


NETWORK: Once again this ya man Network representing GOGER Magazine. We’re here holdin it down with Artist, and C.E.O; of Livewire The Empire, J Stalin.

First things first. How long have you been doing LiveWire?


J Stalin: Ah.. Shit I’ve been doing LiveWire for about thirteen years!

Network: Thirteen years, that’s about right. What made you come up the name?


J Stalin: Oh..The name  came from Menace to Society. No not Menace to Society; Remember Belly? Remember NAS was talking about that nigga Mark; he was like, “Yeah. . . He’s a real LiveWire”. A nigga that will do anything at any given time! Yeah…that’s where it came from.


NETWORK: You were sixteen when I first met you, and at that time you were rappin with DJ DURO; so now that you’ve elevated to the position C.E.O, what motivated you to conceptualize Live Wire, as the embodiment of your company?


J Stalin: I was on probation then! That’s the only place that my Probation Officer would let me go besides the library.


Network: Wow! I didn’t even know that, thank god you turned that around;

which takes me to my next question. If you were asked by other upcoming entrepreneurs in the Bay; what advice would you offer them, as far as, what they would need to do, in order to start a successful company such as LiveWire?


J Stalin: Stay consistent, and push the Brand; like I don’t promote J Stalin, I promote LiveWire. J Stalin is apart of LiveWire. People die down, Ya’ feel me! But Brands dont die down; Brands they only get bigger. Say for instance, Puffy. Bad Boy been around forever, and it’s gonna’ be around forever. Puffy might play out, but bad boy aint goin no where. Push the brand!


NETWORK: I agree completely.  As far as branding is concerned, who would you compare yourself to, within the Bay Area; and is there any brand that stands out, that has inspired any direction you’ve chosen to take; especially in the realm as C.E.O?


J Stalin: LiveWire; and my desire to run a label, comes from being a No Limit Fan. I like how Master P was doing it. I was like okay, he’s really giving opportunity. I just wanted to give other rappers in my section a chance. Ya’ feel me! When I seen No Limit; and Death Row; and Bad Boy; and all these labels, I’m like why can’t we have nothing like that for the people around here. Ya’ feel me! Death Row; that was an L.A record Label! No Limit; that was the New Orleans Record Label.  Cash Money; that was the Magnolia Record Label. West Oakland, Just Oakland period! We need a label that we can call home! That’s why I started Live Wire! It comes from watching the big labels at that time when I was comin up. Like the Bad Boys; and the No Limits; and the Death Rows. A group is always better than one person. You know what I’m saying.


NETWORK: I definitely can relate to that! Let me ask you this. At this point what does the LiveWire roster look like, in terms of Artists? How many Artist actually rep the LiveWire movement?   


J Stalin: Me; Shady; Lil Blood; Philthy; Stevie My little cousin, Maybach, Lil Retro, Lil June, Kiwi, Thrill and Ant Mac but they’re a group called Macnn Mobbin.


Well thats good. They deserve The Movement. It’s Our Town. It’s Related. GODER.


Everybody from LiveWire is from Oakland. We got two rappers from Sacramento and then we got a R&B singer from Stockton, Lil J.


Lil J. I like him. Good dude. Speaking on that and brushing off you being the CEO of your label, lets talk about your clothing line. Who did you see that made you feel like ok..I need to take it on a branding level, as far as… Now I got the label, We’re moving CD’s, I’m number one in this and that…What made you say, I gotta do clothes?


I always was doing the clothes but when i seen ….. was moving it, he made me want to take the clothes more serious. Hes the one that put the thought in my head. Instead of it just being merchandise for rapper it could be a clothing line for itself.


And I’ve seen as far as a clothing line, not only do you have hoodies and shirts, you have polo shirts and jackets?


We got everything now except for pants. We got socks coming. We have the models ready we just have to press them out.


Where can someone pick up the LiveWire clothing?


You can get it at or you can get it from If you’re in Modesto you can go to Cali Underground, its a clothing store out there. I’m just now starting to put it in stores because I wanted it all the way right before I start moving like that. We’re going to be in a lot of stores coming up, 2015.


I believe that. Speaking of an Empire, when GODER did King of the Bay, you won that..What happened to that ring I got you? The one that I paid all that money for? You still have it?


I got it. Its sittin on my dresser. Its a trophy. I dont want to loose that. That was a Blessing. It just shows. All the votes were authentic. It just shows that they really support me and love me out here.


How did it feel to win King of the Bay, Jacka got that the year before.


Man it felt good. It still feels good. You can’t take that from me.


What do you think could change as far as a CEO’s in the Bay Area?


I would just like to see more CEO’s. More people making moves but getting the credit that they deserve for it. I would like to see people in the Bay Area help each other more. I would like to see people in the Bay Area stop competing with each other. If we all have money what is there to compete about. He got a BMW you got a BENZ it don’t matter. They both nice cars.


This is true. Let me ask you a question, what are the highlights of LiveWire for 2015?


I got my album, Tears of Joy, being released in 2 segments. So the first part is going to be released and then the second part is going to be released exactly six months after the first Album.  and then I have a movie coming out in 2015, that I’m producing and I’m starring in  Me and Damian Jamar wrote a movie. We getting that together right now. Me and Roach Gigz are going on tour 2015.


What about as far a clothing line?


New designs. Collabo with GODER. I don’t want to spoil it but we got a lot of stuff coming. A baby clothing line coming called, Little Chief Baby wipes.


Thats funny. I just did a childrens book for my Daughter. It’s called Series World, and I basically just had my boy do all the drawing the whole book. And I added in the magazine a comic book for the GODERKIDS. We move as a team. we have the clothing female line. LiveWire Clothing. Sleek apparel. 2015.


It’s now certified by GODER. The empire’s real. GODER.