JXMXL (pronounced as Jamal) Formerly known as J Minixx out of Vallejo, CA gives us his debut mixtape entitled “One Hell Of A Night”. Stamped by Willie Joe as the R&B vocalist of Wataboy Music Group. Jxmxl has previously worked with the likes of Vallejo Icons such as E-40, B-Legit, Celly Cel & many others. This album is a breath of fresh air adding R&B flavor to the Bay Area music scene. This album features Willie Joe, King Cydal, Shay Sanchez, Freez Vallejo & more. Check out his soundclick link & give it a good listen. Also be looking for Jxmxl to appear on Go Der State Warriors Compilation on a track with King Cydal known as “Go Der(Can I Live)”.

Make sure y’all tap in and follow the drip.
#wbmg -LuBnks