Network: This is another GO DER exclusive; with none other than the ambassador of the Bay himself E 40! I’m sitting here sampling his brand new Rum infused spirit called “Slurricane.” Earl; first off what was your inspiration behind Slurricane?

E 40: In 1986 I went to Grambling State University; back then all you needed to be was eighteen to actually purchase liquor. There was this place called the village where you could get your haircut; they got food, all this good shit. With that being said, they had liquor stores. They had hurricane in a slush form; they had styrofoam cups and styrofoam tops, so I’d take my shit and go sit in class, and drink it like I’m sippin on a regular drink. My teacher’s not knowin I’m sippin on hurricane, slurrin. So then years later I came back home; me and B-Legit where drinking gin and juice for like two weeks and we couldn’t get buzzed! So [one day] we were about to perform and we asked the bartender if they had anything that would get us turnt; cuz we were drinking Gin and we couldn’t get drunk any more. So the lady said; yeah! I got something right for you, and she whipped us up a hurricane. I hadn’t had it in a liquid form, so we turnt up real quick. We asked her the name, and she told us it was “a hurricane.” So she gave us the recipe. Hurricane is a drink out of New Orleans that has been out since I was a kid. So at the [Luniz] I got five on it video shoot we had given out samples to all the rappers in the video, and all these well known rappers got fucked up on Slurricane.

Network: Did Tupac ever have a slurricane?

E 40: Yeah Pac had slurricane; he sure did! So thats what we did, we did the song [Hurricane] to put it out there. Now we have the internet which is the biggest promotion since back in the day, at the push of the button it’s everywhere. Slurricane is a well known drink, its all sweet, its not gonna to get you tossed; take that mutha fucka to the neck! I was on that shit yesterday, and I was toasted.

Network: What’s the next thing for slurricane?

E 40: So, on certain bottles I’m raising the alcohol content..

Network: What are you doing with Slurricane, that no one else has done thus far?

E 40: Um..First of all I’m the only one; I’m just perfecting the taste, the label, and the packaging. I’m building my adult beverage empire the way I built my independent rap label; As my career!

Network: Are there any other Artists promoting your product?

E 40: I’m my biggest promoter; I’m E40, I’m CEO!