Vote! Prop 64 Really Say! Californians, I Urge you to read the entire prop 64 bill all 62 pages of it before you vote, Did you now that if prop 64 passes “they” can come inspect your home, my home anyone’s home if they want to and if you don’t want to let them in we face prison time and fines, that goes for you, your neighbors your parents, this is targeted towards the individuals and not the corporations, so a yes vote on prop 64 is a yes vote allowing the government to come inspect you house at anytime and if you don’t want to let them in you will end up in prison! Does that sound like legalization to you? Oh and don’t forget that growing cannabis under sunshine will also be illegal for individuals if prop 64 passes! It doesn’t take 62 pages of lawyer talk to decriminalize a plant! So doo your self and all California’s a favor and read the bill for yourself and tell me what you think. Are you ready for the inspections? Or ready for prison time?