Good news for those who live in states where recreational marijuana use is legal. You can partake at work and not get in trouble.

News 4 San Antonio reports that the employees of Colorado based Flowhub, a company that provides software to the cannibis industry, discovered this. The building they are in doesn’t allow smoking, so they consume edibles on a regular basis, with no “negative outcomes” so far.

Apparently, it helps with productivity in weekly brainstorming meetings. “It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things,” says Flowhub co-founder Kyle Sherman.

If being able to smoke weed is a part of your job requirements, it probably helps to work for a startup that focuses on this activity in the first place. Same with High There! and Mass Roots, which are social networking sites for the cannabis community.

All of these companies are located in Colorado, but you could probably set up something similar in Alaska, Oregon, Washington State and Washington D.C., the only states that have fully legalized marijuana. That is, if your bosses aren’t afraid of scaring away investors because they’re worried the profits will go up in smoke (or be spent on crate after crate of Funyuns).

That hasn’t been a problem for MassRoots, which has so far raised $4.4 million in funding.