When your local dispensary is promising you the best bud in town don’t blindly pay this time. Smell it first because they are peddling mech this week. If you can’t waste the time smelling the flowers you better set a spending limit.


This is your week to harvest those plants! You have the best buds in town this week and everyone wants a puff. So much hard work paid off. So bask in the glory of a grow well done.


Your week to come is nothing but brownies and gummy bears! Indulge! Your head can handle it but your butt will be huge so don’t forget to do a lap tubby otherwise you’ll be happy but unhealthy.


You are feeling yourself this week and getting some extra finger snuggles when your passing around that joint. Smoke isn’t the only thing in the air cause I smell a hint of love. So inhale
those vapors and exhale some good feelings


How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! You have been trimming those buds staring at that special someone forever now. Time to put the scissors down and share not just that joint but how your feel.


Oh No! Someone spit in your best brownie mix and now nobodies getting high this week. Don’t flip out stay calm and all your problems will solve themselves. The karma train is rolling up fast and you’ll end up with better more potent brownies.


Your plants aren’t standing as tall this week. Not because of bad growing but because of bad stressing. Your vibrations are disturbing the grow so relax, smoke a joint, and feel yourself again…not literally but mentally.


I know when your smoking in a circle of friends you think your helping but actually it’s being taken wrong by your fellow smokers. Make sure to put the joint first when you’re in a circle not your opinions.


You are the one stuck rolling every joint and picking out every seed and you hate it but you say nothing. If you want positive change you have to take it because nobodies giving out free hugs anymore. Stand up for yourself this week but do it politely.


You have the the best bong collection in town I am sure but goals are important too. You could also have the best pipe collection too. Work harder to expand your higher way of life.


Planting a seed can be the best thing you do this week. Just don’t forget to water and love it or it won’t grow as much as your seed should. When doing anything for the first time make sure to do it the best you can..


You got 243 zig zags cornered together into one super Raw paper. You are gonna roll the world’s largest joint and it’s great to dream big just make sure you know what you have to invest to fill that wild dream. Otherwise you only have the world’s largest RAW paper..