Lemon Tree living the Lemon Lifestyle


Network: This is your man Network still holding it down. I am here with Andrew from Lemon Tree, a collective based that’s out of Santa Cruz California. While spreading their name and products across California they’re set a trend. Not only are they phenomenal growers of exotic flowers, and concentrates; they also have a host of other things going on.

 Network: So Andrew can you fill us in on what’s up with Lemon Tree?

Andrew: As far as the clothing goes were coming out with new graphics, logos to push the name out more. Jimbo Phillips; a famous Santa Cruz skateboard artist is on the team, and facilitates all the graphic design work. Then I do all the printing, and manufacturing. As far as Lemon Tree as a whole we’re moving forward with some really great products. And of course our collaboration with GO DER. We have a cannabis infused Mustard we’re creating with our man Network. We’re trying to integrate a lot of custom sew stuff to the clothing line. You can catch us out at a lot of festivals, and events that we go to. They’re all handmade hand sewn, one-of-a-kind hoodies.


Network: What inspired you to start your company, and brand Lemon Tree the way you have. We’ve seen the success with other strains that’ve crossed over; such as Cookies. Did that motivate you?


Andrew: So basically I’ve been in the clothing industry for 10 years! As the weed companies have been evolving more into a legitimate business; it would only make sense to market your product in legitimate sense to get your brand recognized. Which means you would want to put something behind it. More products, and logos to grab people’s eyes. In order to build a legitimate company you’re going to need some type of branded products to market behind you. It worked for Cookies! It was a weed strain that got built up. Burner developed a whole Cookies brand. People would get it, and wanted to live the lifestyle; it’s a whole movement. It’s very similar to what we do down in Santa Cruz, but we have a different way of doing things. We’re just trying to promote our own lifestyle with the strain that we’ve had for 15 years. We worked really hard to promote the brand, and get out to the community as best to our ability. Even though production is not as high as we like. Our methods are 100% organic! We’re real heavy into quality control as far as business is concerned; we want our products to be as best as we can make them.


Network: Well you guys definitely branded it correctly, and it’s definitely working for you guys. I remember when I start working with you guys, helping to build the name, and introducing you guys to Burner. Now you got Young Dolph, B Legit, and

the whole Northern California behind the Lemon Tree movement.

Andrew: Yeah exactly it’s become a lot bigger than we anticipated from when we first started. I don’t think we thought it would be this kind movement. We knew that we had the product smoking weed. Since 13 this is the best ever personally had, and I’m not being biased because I’m part of the company.