#Exclusive w/ Angela Mazzanti “This Is My Story” #GODER


My name is Angela Mazzanti, I’m 24 years old originally from modesto california currently living in Orange county California. I’m a multi-internationally published model and i have been in the modeling industry a little over 6 years now. The funny story is I never wanted to be a model growing up, originally at about 18 I had dreams of going into the FBI and made my way into the U.S Airforce to better achieve my goal. After a few weeks into basic training i realized that this was not the life I wanted to live. I got out on medical leave, came back to Modesto and went back to junior college to try and figure out what it is that i wanted to do with my life. After finishing all of my general ed in school I still had no idea what it was that i wanted to do. Growing up I was a huge tom boy, and had no want to be girly at all. As i got older i did start to develop a feminine side and once i started getting more and more tattoos on my body i began to feel more comfortable with myself. The way i got into modeling was kind of funny because i had taken a couple “risque” selfies and posted them up on my tumblr website, well through that there had been a website created called isanyoneup. the point of this site was if an ex or someone you disliked pissed you off, you could throw embarassing photos of them on this website, talk shit about them and it would go viral online to hundreds of thousands of people, well someone threw some half naked and topless photos of me on there but it backfired on them and through that i was hit up by a magazine who wanted to pay and publish me and do a story on me, because of how controversial the post was. After that i continued to do photoshoots while working a regular restaurant job as a server, began to travel back and forth from the bay area to southern california building up my  portfolio. In this past year i’ve been able to drop the regular 9-5 job lifestyle and do this all full time and even move out of modesto to orange county.There was one moment in my life where something really pushed me harder then ever was about 2 years ago my father passed away out of nowhere, after that happened i realized how fast life can go and saw that as my chance to push myself and do what i want to in my life. We only live once so its so important to be happy and do what makes you happy, and i couldnt see myself being happy living a standard lifestyle of an everyday 9-5 job.  Where i really found my place though was in the cannabis community. I’ve smoked since i was about 18 mainly for my anxiety but started going to events and working them this past year. When i started working events i was dabbing people out at the booths. i had seen how many people thought of the models who worked the booths and didnt want to be seen the same as them all so i worked my way into making myself a public figure and brand ambassador in the community and now i currently host events (such as compassesh) and even co-hosted a stage at the hightimes magazine cannabis cup. Now i’m working almost every event in the southern california area, traveling to other legal areas to work events and do promotion for many other cannabis companies,guest budtending at dispenseries, and finally doing something i fully enjoy and love doing that is a passion of mine and genuine to me. Also because of being so heavily tattooed I’ve made quite a good name for myself in the tattoo industry, a lot of people generally ask about how many i have (around 50), all different artists from all over california and some from other states, i dont plan on ever doing my chest neck or face but being fully saturated in color everywhere else on my body, yes they all hurt but my stomach and back of my thighs were probably the worst of them all. Its crazy to me that i’ve built up essentially my own business just by doing what i love and there are times that i get paid gigs to just be myself but it truely shows when you put your all into what you love, and when you put a lot of hard work into a business idea you cant go wrong. I work almost everyday all day whether it be at a photoshoot,event, answering emails, posting on instagram, snapchatting, or doing whatever i can to network and build myself. nothing good comes easy and if you dont take yourself seriously then no one will. i could go on forever about what  i do and what steps to take to get where you want to be in life but you’ll just have to follow me on my social medias to see more about me if youre interested. You can follow me on instagram under @angela_mazzanti snapchat Angela.mazzanti for all business inquiries you can email me at angela.mazzanti1991@gmail.comunnamed-3