GO DER: So what’s good with you?


Anonymous That Dude: Recently I have just been chillin, tryna get more organized. I’ve been working on a lot of projects from Music to Clothing etc. I kinda spread myself thin over the summer, I was goin to hard in to many different directions, and I got Jammed up and forced on a lil vacation. So that definitely changed a few things.


GO DER: Who the fuck is “That Dude”? Aside from the Album title?


Anonymous That Dude: The short version is, I’m just another kid that grew up in a place with no opportunities, Fucked off school and that left me with even less options. I did whatever it took to get what I needed since a young age. So that just kinda built a hunger, and the fact my Rolemodel (Father) was working about 60 or 70 hours a week made me adapt a serious work ethic. I originally am from NY, I’ve been in Cali for around 7+ years, I mostly lived in SF or Oakland but I traveled all over the State. NO DAYS OFF is a way of Life, not just a catch-phrase.


GO DER: What’s the Legal Situation about? What happened Anonymous?


Anonymous That Dude: Another long story short, like 6 or so years ago I was on my way to the bay leaving NY, on the I-80 in PA I got profiled when I was putting air in my tires, the search that followed led to about 8 fuckin grams of weed and $12,000 dollars in cash, They took it all. They left me at the Gas Station with NO TICKETS OR CITATIONS, I felt robbed. I instantly called a Lawyer to get My Money back. As soon as we filed for a “Return of Property” they filed charges against me. Some “Intent to deliver and manufacture”, Bullshit, With a capitol F attached. They offered some shit, don’t get in trouble for a year, and forfeit your money and it all goes away with No Charge. I accepted, a few months later they violated me…. Fast forward six years later, been ducking the whole time, and I get locked up for this stupid PA warrant while in the middle of my first Tour (HAHA) go fuckin figure. So I get booked into Tulare County Jail for two and a half weeks. Then took on a crazy extradition van ride from HELL all the way back to PA. All together it took about six weeks. Im out on bail now, not really sure how shits looking at the moment.


GO DER: What are you Currently working on now?


Anonymous That Dude: Right right now, I am dropping my ,“Bail Money” Mixtape for Free Download( I got Berner, Philthy, Stevie, Stalin, Keak, Plaga, and a few others featured). I am about to finally drop the “Hustlas Motivation” Album from me an Philthy Rich, Along with the “Pounds & Pyrex” Album me and Stevie Joe did. I had the Albums done since before summer, but got sidetracked moving to L.A and launching my clothing line (insurgo apparel) and I still wanted a solid line on distrabution. The project me and Berner started is almost finished ( Still no Title yet), me and Keak did a few songs and might drop something. Im still working on the “Who the F**K is That Dude” Album. I might release it with No Features ( I got some HITTERS tucked away Fa Real). Now it’s just selling shirts, doing shows, and shooting videos, and gettin the NoDaysOffent.com website movin.


GO DER: So what is insurgo appareal?


Anonymous That Dude: Well the word “insurgo”, means to rise up against. I guess I have rebellious tendencies, but seriously though it means a lot to me. Its about overcoming adversity at the end of the day. ”Rise Up Against anything that’s holding You down”. We have a few lines under insurgo, but the focus right now is “Lowlifes & Losers” , for men and women as well as “So Solid” for women only. These are just the beginning of the Movement, but already the feedback and demand are way more then I expected. The website is almost ready www.insurgoapparel.com and you can follow us on Instagram @insurgoapparel.


GO DER: How can we stay updated with your projects?


Anonymous That Dude: Follow me on Instagram- @anonymousthatdude. For now I have a lot of music on soundcloud for free download as well as youtube, datpiff, all the Bay Area blogs (GODER, THIZZLER, ETC.) and also on www.nodaysoffent.com. ( Just search Anonymous That Dude) Im trying to work on another Tour situation right now. I learned a lot on the “Rise & Grind”, Tour (Before Detainment) and its definetlly productive.


GO DER: How much Weed do you really Smoke?


Anonymous That Dude: More then all your Favorite Rappers combined!


GO DER: Anything else on your mind?


Anonymous That Dude: Yes I wanna say Thank You to everyone who held me down while I was away, and all the people who kept me in their minds. I wanna Shoutout Everyone I Call FAM ( Y’all Know Who You Are), all the people I have been working with, all the strip clubs in the City that been playin my music, Everyone that spends with me, All my HATERS ( I LOVE Y’ALL), anyone who ever been on a Extradition Van, Shackled for weeks at a time with no sleep, pissin in Water Bottles, and ESPECIALLY anyone with enough confidence to believe in ME. #SALUTE ( And if you READ all this S/O to YOU TO)