Strain Profile:

The Chiquita Banana phenotype has been a Utopia Meds signature flower for almost a decade.  Testing as high as 35%, the strain is known for its powerful effects and earthy/fruity smell that resembles fresh bananas and Banana Runts.  Chiquita Banana has dense, dark-green growth with minimal internodal spacing and numerous tops.  The finished flowers are coated in sparkly trichomes and have a light-green complexion with slightly yellow, orange hairs.  Once activated, the effects are immediate but balanced with a versatility that makes the Utopia Meds’ signature strain perfect for any time and occasion.  


Grower Profile: Utopia Meds Farmers’ Collective is an association of members providing high quality, third-party verified, indoor meds.  At the forefront of the local cannabis community, we believe in innovation, responsibility, education, and safe-access.  As Santa Cruz farmers, we work hard to promote the environmental awareness and quality assurance that is integral to this community.  As cannabis aficionados, we constantly strive to produce the highest-grade flowers, edibles and extracts.  Find Utopia @Utopia_Meds/@Utopia_Edibles/@Utopia_Extracts or at


Subspecies: Indica-dominant hybrid (60/40)

Origins: unknown breeder (West coast origins); OG Kush x Banana

Medical: Has been known to help with anxiety, migraines, depression, stress, insomnia, PMS, PTSD, and Crohn’s disease.