The most marijuana-friendly Canadian province is also the most vocal when it comes to cannabis regulation.

In late September, the provincial government of British Columbia (BC) started a five-week consultation period, asking residents for their input on a number of issues related to the regulation of cannabis. These points of interest include what the minimum age to buy cannabis should be, personal possession limits, where adults can consume, retail models, and personal cultivation regulations.

The BC government invites you to participate 

The BC government has already received more than 20,000 responses, and they’re only halfway through the process of receiving public submissions.

BC Premier John Horgan hinted last week as to where the province might be headed regarding a marijuana framework. “We are going to be looking at what I believe will be a mixed-model,” he said, referring to a possible combination of private and public retail distribution.

The difference between British Columbia and provinces like Ontario, for example, is that BC has already regulated various unlicensed dispensaries despite the federal decree to shut them all down.

“With the quantity of dispensaries already getting licensed in municipalities like Victoria and Vancouver, the cat is kind of out of the bag,” said Travis Lane from the BC Independent Cannabis Association.

British Columbia’s Cannabis Regulation Engagement will be open for submission from the public until Nov. 1, 2017 at 4 p.m.